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Saturday, April 13, 2002  

David Friedman's site is a gold-mine. David is the son of the better-known Milton, and carries his dad's freedom project to lengths that the old boy might find disconcerting.

My attention was caught by what he describes as his latest project (though I imagine he dreams up several new projects every week), The Journal of Interesting Economics:

" …. It consists of a page of links to webbed articles with recommendations by volunteer referees. Anyone can publish, anyone can referee. Whether people read what you publish will depend on your reputation and the reputations of the referees who recommend your article.... When deciding whether to publish an article in the journal, ask yourself whether it is something that readers, in particular economists, would read for pleasure or only for duty."

The handful of articles that are up at the moment are:

The Paradox of Choice: With an Application to Free Will Versus Predestination
by Douglas W. Allen
The Measurement of Inequality, Concentration and Diversification
by Fred Foldvary
"Economics and Evolutionary Psychology"
by David Friedman
"Contracts in Cyberspace"
by David Friedman
"Nuclear Proliferation : a Blessing or a Curse?"
by Bertrand Lemennicier

Other topics that appear on his home page give a flavour of the site:

· Living Paper: An Open Source Project to produce computer programs that teach economic ideas.
· My Books
· Work in Progress: My Recent Drafts
· My Courses
· My Kid's School
· Products I Would Like to See
· Me
· Miscellaneous
My current writing project is Future Imperfect, a book about technological change in the near future and its consequences. A partial draft is webbed; comments welcome..
My latest book is Law's Order: What Economics Has to Do with Law and Why It Matters, published by Princeton University Press. It is accompanied by a book web page, which contains images of the entire book along with an extensive system of links--think of them as virtual footnotes--to additional material. An earlier draft is also webbed, in a somewhat more readable form, but without the links.

… and much more. A nice feature is that he posts up the entire draft of whatever book is in progress at the time. He has amenable publishers… .

11:26 AM

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