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Saturday, April 27, 2002  

[Written on 18/04/2002 3:04 pm]

I'm in that same Woolworth's cafe again. You see that it's a haven for writers, artists and intellectuals, a Deux Magots of Bedford town centre. Though as far as I can judge from looking at my fellow customers, an undiscovered one.

Perhaps because they stop doing chips at 2:30.

More from Grayling's The Meaning of Things (see previous posts).

"... for liberty is not licence, it is something better: it is open-minded, tolerant and reasonable restraint." (p. 141)

Oh no it isn't!

If I wore tee-shirts with slogans on them, I'd have one reading: "Liberty is licence." And thanks to Grayling, I now think I'd put that on the back, so that people could see on the front: "Liberty is not open-minded, tolerant and reasonable restraint...."

9:41 AM

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