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Tuesday, May 28, 2002  

After writing the previous piece, I became curious to know whether Roger Scruton has compromised sufficiently with the modern age to establish a Website. Has he just. is a major enterprise.

If you explore it, you'll find he turns an honest bob or two from Horsell's Morsels, "Britain's fastest-growing post-modern rural consultancy." It offers no end of good stuff, including:

Log Cutting
With many mature and dying trees we have a plentiful supply of ash, elm, oak, willow and fruitwoods, which we turn into finely sculpted logs that can be used as plates, stools, weapons and garden furniture. They can also be burned. £50 a load.


Logic Chopping
In this day of sound-bites and hasty opinions, of instant dogma and equally instant retreat from it, there is no defence except the skilled logic chopper. Our vorpel blades go snickersnack around the heads of all opponents, and we emerge tired but victorious from conflicts which leave the world astonished, bewildered and depressed. Try us with your brief, and see your opponents’ arguments cut to pieces before your eyes.

I seem to remember RS in The Times once excoriating American practitioners of philosophy therapy as quacks, latter-day sophists. I hope all the Horsell activities are ethical products, philosophically viewed.

There's a lot of facetiousness on the site, worthy of the blogosphere. I suspect that top management needs to exercise a guiding hand on some of the enthusiastic junior staff.

10:59 PM

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