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Thursday, June 13, 2002  

This is adapted from some posts that I've made today to the Libertarian Alliance Forum:

Forwarded from Premise Checker on the Upstream mailing list:

Steyn on Atta's loan application

"His one great insight into Western culture was his
assumption that he could get a government grant to take out the Pentagon."

Blackly hilarious.

This is _not_ from The Onion.

Mohammed Atta and his federal loan officer
No matter how dumb he was, officialdom was always dumber
Mark Steyn
National Post

Monday, June 10, 2002


Keith Windschuttle has been ploughing the anti-Grapes of Wrath furrow for some
time. Just found this on his site The Sydney Line ("Since the 1920s, Sydney
has generated a way of thinking that amounts to a distinctive intellectual
tradition"... ) from 1999.


The Cultural Cold War

Keith Windschuttle

Quadrant, November 1999


Stove pays tribute to his colleagues

I'm enjoying The Sydney Line. It has links on the philosopher David Stove, which have led me to this:


Helps to Young Authors

Neutralizing success words, after the manner of the best authorities
(From David Stove, Popper and After, chapter 1)

10:16 AM

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