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Monday, May 19, 2003  

I've just stumbled across openDemocracy – following a trail that led me to Roger Scruton's articles therein.

Believing that it is important not to condemn a publication out of hand on the basis of its blurb, I was ready to close my eyes to sentences like

With enough readers and members it will be a true arena for democratic change, for closing the distance between people and power, influencing global policy and will also be an enjoyable experience that shares knowledge across borders and differences.

and to

The new website, launched on the 4th November is a rich resource of content with a great variety of views on these central issues, ranging from American Power in the World, Globalisation and The Environment. [Sic – the sentence ends there.]


It brings together in a level handed way thought leaders, policy makers and you, the public to find new, creative ways of building a better World.

But this paragraph killed off any idea of joining the mailing-list:

The label ‘anti capitalist’ has been draped over a movement for global justice that encompasses a huge range of grievances from the influence of multi-national business to the infringement of civil liberties under the slogan ‘another world is possible’. However ‘confused’ this movement seems to be, it is united by a single theme: the desire for change. And this desire isn’t confined to the movement for change from below. Many in established positions want to reverse the widening gap between rich and poor, counter the irrationalities of the financial markets, check the imbalance associated with American power, head off the growth of violent fundamentalisms and develop better forms of accountability and global regulation.

However ‘confused’ this paragraph seems to be, it is united by a single theme, and I'm not buying it.

By the way, a sentiment such as 'heading off the growth of violent fundamentalisms' is usually only expressed in order to follow it with '... and of course, the most violent of all fundamentalisms is that of the United States'. I heard exactly this non-thought expressed by John Gray on Radio 4's Start the Week this morning.

10:29 AM

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