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Thursday, February 05, 2004  

The only critique of capitalism that I pay much attention to is the Dilbert strip. When you sign up for free daily delivery, don't forget to subscribe to Scott Adams' newsletter, too.

The opening of the latest one:

I'm a vegetarian, which, as you know, means that I can't lift heavy objects without snapping my spine. I'm secure enough to admit that I'm pale, frail, and I love e-mail. (Hey, I think I just designed a t-shirt!) But there's a plus side to my eating habits: I'll live to the age of 200 unless I get trapped under something heavy, like a quilt. And unlike my mammal-eating friends, I don't have to decide what sort of hideous death I want every time I look at a menu.

Scott alerted his compatriots to the arrival of The Office on American TV, so maybe he can take some of the credit for the Golden Globe it won.

1:14 AM

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